Next Microsoft UC User Group London Monday 15th July

Hi all.

Just a quick “save the date” post to let you know the next Microsoft UC User Group London will be on Monday 15th July from 6pm at the Polycom EEC (near Liverpool Street station) as usual.

No registration yet, we’re still finalising the agenda, but it will be packed full of content as always. Justin will be back from presenting at Teched NA and Europe with all the latest info.

Just wanted to give everyone plenty of time to get/keep the evening free.

Hope to see you there



Best MUCUGL to date!

I’d be lying if I said that comments like “Best MUCUGL to date” (from a regular attendee) didn’t make it all worth it! 🙂

Thursday’s event was a resounding success and we were fortunate enough to have to have two guest speakers, Scott Brown (Worldwide Director for Lync Enterprise Voice from Microsoft) was in town and spent some time talking about the success story that Microsoft Lync is – including how Lync voice adoption was increasing at a rapid pace. Scott then touched on Microsoft’s priorities for FY13, which to no surprise now encompasses an increased focus on Cloud and Office 365.

Our second guest was Polycom’s product manager for Lync voice products (Open SIP and CX devices) – Vasudevan Krishnamurthy. The group were given an insight into Polycom’s Lync voice focus and future features/functionality.

Justin, Tom and I also delivered some sessions on Lync Mobility, Centralized Logging and Updates for Lync in Q1, (decks from the event are available below)

Thanks to those that came along, we look forward to seeing you at the next event on 25th July.

MUCUGL April 25th 2013: Lync 2013 New Features and New Toys

New blog post:

This April Microsoft UC User Group London is covering some new Lync 2013 features and some new toys.

First up Justin Morris will give a deep dive on the new Lync 2013 mobile client features and call flows/architecture, Want audio and video on your mobiles? Find out how.

Next Up Tom Arbuthnot who is going to give an overview and demos of the new Lync 2013 centralised logging features, we can now seamlessly log across all Lync servers for a specific user or workload, no more dashing between front ends starting and stopping the logging tool…

We’ll take a break for networking, then Adam Jacobs will give an overview of some new Polycom products and features for Lync, and a general update of a lot of great new community content and tools that have been released since our last community update. Lots of good stuff you should know about.

As usual, we’ll be heading to the pub after, we look forward to seeing you there.

Meeting is from 6pm on 25th April at Polycom EEC, near London Liverpool street station

Registration at eventbrite here

Polycom Executive Experience Center
69 Old Broad St
16th Floor – Dashwood House
Broadgate, London EC2
Great Britain

Full agenda below

Date: April 25th 2013 Title: Lync 2013 New Features and New Toys
Times Topics
18.00-18.30 – Lync Mobile Architecture Justin Morris presents detail on new Lync 2013 mobile clients and architecture
18.30-19.00 – Overview of Lync 2013 Centralised Logging Tom Arbuthnot dives into the new Lync Server 2013 Centralised Logging Feature
19.00-19.20 – (Networking) N/A
19.20-19.50 – New Polycom kit and Community and Tools Updates Adam Jacobs updates us on some new Polycom kit and the latest Lync tools and community updates
19.50-20.00 – Wrap Up and Close Close and head to the pub

Microsoft UC User Group London presents the #Lync 2013 Mobility Story at #UCExpo 2013

UC Expo is on again this year on the 5th and 6th of March at Olympia in London. It’s the premier UC event in the UK/EMEA regions for vendors and end-user customers to come together and see the latest developments in the industry along with lots of informative seminars.


This year Tom, Adam and Justin have again teamed up with UC Expo and Robin Chan from Microsoft to present our own little MUCUGL seminar on Lync, except this time we’re excited to talk about the new fully featured Lync 2013 mobility story (iPhone and iPad, Android and Windows Phone 8!). We’ll be talking about and demoing the new clients, and will show you the underlying architecture involved and how to deploy it.

When: 6th March, 1:10 PM – 1:40 PM

Where: Flexibility and Mobility Theatre

For more info and to add our seminar to your MYVISIT planner, check out the seminar page on the UC Expo site here.

Look forward to seeing you there!

MUCUGL: January 2013 – Best of Lync 2013 Ignite

Happy New Year!

So the festive period is over, new year resolutions have started and we’re all back at work – but fear not, the January edition of MUCUGL is upon us! 🙂

We’re back at the Polycom EEC (following great venue feedback) and for those unable to attend one of Microsoft’s Lync 2013 Ignite events then Tom, Justin and Adam will be delivering the best content all in under 2hrs! *gulp*

As always we look forward to seeing you all (this time in 2013) and for those that can make it we’ll make sure we leave plenty of time for a beer afterwards!

See you there!

Date: Jan 24th 2013 Title: Best of Lync 2013 Ignite
Times Topics
18.00-18.30 – (Ignite Content) Lync 2013 Ignite Content (AJ)
18.30-19.00 – (Ignite Content) Lync 2013 Ignite Content (TA)
19.00-19.20 – (Networking) N/A
19.20-19.50 – (Ignite Content) Lync 2013 Ignite Content (JM)
19.50-20.00 – (Gen. Update & Q/A) Latest resources and speaker specific updates (TA)

Registration: here


Polycom Executive Experience Centre 69 Old Broad St 16th Floor Dashwood House, Broadgate, EC2 London

Unable to attend MUCUGL?

We don’t expect everyone to travel thousands of miles, cancel their holidays or miss mission critical business meetings so they make it to a MUCUGL event (well no always anyway!)

Which is why you shouldn’t forget that shortly after each meet we post the content up to the MUCUGL SlideShare account, if you haven’t done already we recommend you subscribe so you don’t miss out!

MUCUGL: October 2012 – Devices, Endpoints & Bridges (that don’t go bump with Lync)

The summer is almost over and Autumn is fast approaching, but fear not, the October edition of MUCUGL is about to arrive! 🙂

Last October we held the event at the Polycom Executive Experience Centre, this is a great centrally located London venue and we’re pleased to be back again. Jabra are co-sponsoring this event and Stuart Black will be giving us an overview of the latest and greatest Jabra devices optimised for Lync – they’ll also be giving away 5 Supreme UC Headsets. Adam will then provide an update on some of the new and existing Polycom audio/video endpoints and bridges now qualified for Lync, including some live demos.

We also listen to your feedback and it was requested at our last meet that we do a deeper-dive into PBX interoperability with Lync, so Justin has stepped up and will deliver this technical session – EV, RCC, Simring, Gateways, Direct SIP, ISDN, ITSPs and more will all be explained! Tom will then close the event (before the regular visit to the pub) with a round-up on Lync related news and community updates.

We all look forward to seeing you there!

Date: Oct 25th 2012 Title: Title: Devices, Endpoints & Bridges that don’t go bump with Lync
Times Topics
18.00-18.20 – (Guest Speaker) Overview from Jabra on Optimised for Lync Device Portfolio (SB)
18.20-19.00 – (high-level) Polycom Voice and Video Solutions Qualified for Lync (AJ)
19.00-19.20 – (Networking) N/A
19.20-19.40 – (deep-dive) Lync PBX Interoperability Scenarios (JM)
19.40-20.00 – (Gen. Update & Q/A) Latest resources and speaker specific updates (TA)

Registration: here


Polycom Executive Experience Centre 69 Old Broad St 16th Floor Dashwood House, Broadgate, EC2 London

An Olympic User Group Event…

The turnout for our special birthday event at Microsoft’s London office was excellent (with hot London weather, summer holidays and Olympic-sized travel chaos we weren’t sure we’d get great attendance at first) , we attracted lots of new attendees and received a load of great questions and some great interaction (event more post-event at the bar 🙂 )

We were fortunate enough to have Steve Tassell from Microsoft deliver a great strategic overview for Lync 2013, the goals and functionality begin targeted by Microsoft. Tom went into more detail on Top 10 features. I did video conferencing (some major changes/improvements here) and then Justin did a more detailed look into architectural changes, specifically within high availability – there was some very positive feedback on this, although some were disappointed to learn that some of the existing models are now unsupported.

Thanks to all those that joined us and we hope to see you all at our next event on October 25th, venue and topics to be announced – stay tuned. Presentations from Justin, Tom, Geraint and I are now available via the MUCUGL SlideShare account (also embedded below)


MUCUGL: July 2012 – Introducing Lync Server 2013

So not only is it MUCUGL’s birthday, but we’ve also arranged a bumper Lync Server 2013 event. Agenda will be announced early next week, but ensure you register tickets are going fast!

The event will take place at Microsoft’s London Offices and first up Steve Tassell (Microsoft UK UC Product Manager) will give us an overview of Lync 2013.

Next Tom will run us through some top 10 features worth shouting about. Adam and Justin will cover off some deeper-dive content on Video Conferencing and Architecture respectively.

Register now to avoid disappointment!

Date: Jul 26th 2012 Title: Introducing Lync Server 2013
Times Topics
18.00-18.20 – (high-level) Introducing Lync Server 2013 and Lync Online – Steve Tassell
18.20-18.45 – (high-level) Top 10 Changes within Lync 2013 – Tom Arbuthnot
18.45-19.05 – (Networking) N/A
19.05-19.30 – (deep-dive) Video Conferencing Capabilities  within Lync Server 2013 – Adam Jacobs
19.30-20.00 – (deep-dive) Architecture and High Availability within Lync Server 2013 – Justin Morris

Registration: here


Auditorium 1, Microsoft Cardinal Place 80-100 Victoria Street SW1E 5JL London United Kingdom

Another successful MUCUGL event in the can…

Thursday night Tom, Justin and I – along with the great guys (and gal) from Acme Packet presented at Club Eight. We had a great turnout, some of the regulars and friendly new faces too!

Justin gave an in-depth and insightful look at Microsoft SIP, explained the different types of messages and ran the group through the Lync Snooper tool, Geraint Evans (from Acme Packet) gave the group a great overview on what to expect from a Session Border Controller or SBC, not only within the service provider space, but in SMEs too. Tom updated the group on what’s new in Lync-land for the last quarter and I presented on Fixed-to-Mobile Convergence or FMC, which I’m pleased to say seemed to provoke some thoughts amongst the group.

Thanks to all those that joined us and we hope to see you all at our next and 1st anniversary event on July 19th, venue and topics to be announced – stay tuned. Presentations from Justin, Tom, Geraint and I are now available via the MUCUGL SlideShare account (also embedded below)