MUCUGL: January 2012 – The one about…Lync Mobility and Call Recording

The Lync Mobility Service or MCX is here and Justin, Tom and I have a great MUCUGL session lined up for those who want to learn more!

First up Adam Jacobs will introduce the capability of Lync Mobile and an overview of the architecture, next up Justin and Tom will run through the deployment procedures and a live demo.

We have also managed to secure a great guest speaker from AudioCodes both Steve Hopkins and Yaniv Epshtein will be introducing their Mobility PLUS and Lync call recording solution.

Finally Tom, Justin and Adam will provide an industry update and focused Lync guidance/sharing.

A full agenda can be found below, we’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Date: Jan 19th 2012 Title: The one about…Lync Mobility and Call Recording
Times Topics
18.00-18.20 – (high-level) Lync Mobility Architecture (AJ)
18.20-18.40 – (deep-dive) Lync Mobility Deployment (JM & TA)
18.40-19.10 – (Networking) N/A
19.10-19.40 – (AudioCodes Guest Speaker) Mobility and SmartTAP Recording for Lync
19.40-20.00 – (Chalk/Talk & Gen. Update) Latest resources and speaker specific updates. (All)

Registration: here


Bow Bells House
1 Bread Street
EC4M 9BE London
United Kingdom