Unable to attend MUCUGL?

We don’t expect everyone to travel thousands of miles, cancel their holidays or miss mission critical business meetings so they make it to a MUCUGL event (well no always anyway!)

Which is why you shouldn’t forget that shortly after each meet we post the content up to the MUCUGL SlideShare account, if you haven’t done already we recommend you subscribe so you don’t miss out!

2 thoughts on “Unable to attend MUCUGL?”

  1. Hello Adam, its very nice to share the slides with us. Is there a way, that sessions are also getting recorded, and uploaded to a video sharing site like youtube? The slides miss all the live conversations and demos, that give the high value of such an event, and as you said outside of UK it very unlikely people travel on-site to hear them.

    1. Hi Richard,

      Sorry no immediate plan to record the sessions. Mainly due to complexity/keen to keep people coming to network



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