The Microsoft Unified Communications User Group London (MUCUGL) was formed by UC Pros that are passionate and focused about communications technology.

The goals of the group:

  • Bring together other like-minded Professionals to share experience and best practice.
  • Create awareness and buzz around UC throughout the IT Community.
  • Welcome those that are new to Unified Communications technology, prior experience is definitely not required, we recognise that UC is about the convergence of business processes with new collaboration technologies (it’s not all about tech!).

Meetings will be held in central London and take place quarterly. We strongly believe in giving the technology a break and getting together for face-to-face meetings, that said, we’ll run some online meetings for breaking UC-related news.

Meetings will generally last around two hours (not including post-UG beers of course). We’ll be delivering some engaging presentations, some deep-dives and others aimed at the business strategist, allow time for networking, workshop your ideas (we want it to be interactive after all) and expect to line-up some great guest speakers.

If you would like to join us, then feel free to sign up here, this will allow us to keep you updated on events.

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